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This solar fan is suitable for many purposes such as : outdoor work, power failure emergency, outdoor construction site, contractors that work in the attic during Summer time, countries that have poor electricity. This solar fan can be used as a power bank to charge mobile phones.

  • Fast charging 
  • Bass noise reduction
  • Technology and energy saving solar powered
  • No wasting electricity bills as long as the sun is available
  • Solar power technology
  • Energy and Zero power consumption 
  • Convenient charging
  • Two charging modes: home adapter charging and Solar charging

A solar radiator that converts heat from light using porous absorption of solar  energy . The solar panel can be used for 4 -12 hours after being exposed to the sun for 4 hours.

N.B   This is suitable for countries that have poor electricity. A this product being exposed to the sun for only 4 hours will provide you cool air  while sleeping for 6 to 8 hours. No more cardboard for cool air. In addition  you don't need to pay anymore for charging your phone 

Comfortable Solar Fan