Hello World,


Joseph Adelson founder and CEO of Adelson Enterprise, LLC is the result of several years careers dedicated in the private sector in solving intricate problems and providing outstanding services to customers. Raised in a modest family, my courageous mother was a farmer who inspired me in my childhood age for the Agro-Industry and Business.

Early days Joseph burned this desire for both Agro- industry and business, my passion for business expands more each day. Experienced in Accounting, I  worked at Vilbel S.A and Brasserie National (Brana S.A), co –founder of Jokla Bazar and IFCI an Institution that provided formation in Accounting and Informatics overseas. Therefore, Joseph built a strong reputation based on reliability and confidence among his employers, clients and colleagues. I  began my  career as a teacher and later joined Vilbel S.A an Import-Export Company, I continued to build  a  strong advocacy skills and put them to work at Brana S.A. The last decades while serving in different positions with Securitas INC. Joseph carried out management responsibilities and provided outstanding services to LG Electronics, Rheem, Dick’s Sporting Goods and GE Energy Management. Joseph obtained an  Associate degree from Southern Crescent, a certificate in Project Management and a  B.A,  General Management from APUS, West Virginia  (American Public University System). Joseph currently reside in Atlanta Georgia with his wife and his three daughters.

Joseph ‘vision is to create a collaborative community full of self driven entrepreneurs that have a mission statement  to propose design value around a wide range of products and services that meet customer’ needs. We have a team of contractors that have the knowledge and expertise to get your job done. Our business is built under a system of profit sharing basis and alliance with other talents and professionals to improve life. Creativity, excellence service, innovative solutions and resources are the keystone to respond at this mission and vision. The core values that guide our work are in the following:

- We change the game to get better results

- We believe in people

- We innovate and collaborate to compete effectively

- We deliver with excellence and integrity

- We employ smart action to achieve our mission

Life is amazing when sharing, then let's create a real sharing community  where the pillars are : Transparency, trust and happiness. We are looking for entrepreneurs and contractors that have passion and potential projects to improve life in their community, as well investors that want to create impact investing in providing capital in order to address social or environmental issues.

Just sharing , Just smile , Improve life.