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Adelson Enterprise is created to providing a wide range of products and quality services and to help mold business owners and professionals. We truly believe in the power of private enterprise to create jobs , generate income and improves lives in the community. We provide a large selection of services and encourage contractors to engage in their own life and helping customers to alleviate their pains to take  control of their own happiness.

Our mission statement is to create a community  full of self driven entrepreneurs, investors, contractors  that have passion to make the community better for their citizen and propose design value around products and services that meet customers’ needs. Our business is built under a system of profit sharing basis and alliance with other talents and professionals to achieve results . We pledge to only provide excellent customer service and ensure great lasting customers relationships. 

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Business continues to play a significant role in the global economy. Every day, entrepreneurs continue to develop innovative ideas to generate quality products and services that respond to the customers ‘aspirations.


In today business competitive environmental, it requires

for doing a successful business to have a good strategy and an effective plan in order to evaluate the potential for the venture and also to take advantages of all opportunities in this industry.


However, a business plan is essential to describe the nature of the business and the organizational structure of the entrepreneur’s visionary ideas. It is also indispensable to explain the business concept, the market place including the target market and the strategy market, the sales strategy and the financial plan.

Globalization has caused a rapid growth in the economy and has required companies of all size to have more ressources to be successful  in the economic environment where customers are becoming more exigent.


In order to remain compettive, companies should employ a strategy plan based on developing a learning organization  and integrating  thinking. In addition, companies should develop the  SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analaysis implemented by a value chain analysis. Also, they should create an effective organizational designs to help them exploit the opportunities in their specific industry, as well as to reinforce the company culture and cores values to survive the threats of globalization.


These solutions will neutralize their threats and take advantages of all opportunities. It will stimulate the employees to be more productive and reflexive. In addition , it should tackle the multitude opposing forces that obstruct the company to sustain consistencey and reunite conflicting opinion. The most important thing, it will reinforce communication structure inside the organization.


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