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Why should I use Adelson Enterprise LLC, for my home services and Business needs?

Adelson Enterprise LLC, has been providing residents reliable services and we train our team to bring to their services: the passion for the work , the courage and excitement to lead the job with heart and purpose. We motivate the team to provide long terms results. We provide to our customers a formula of great services.

We understand that each customers have circumstances that are entirely unique. We make all possible effort to identify the real needs of our customers, and provide them with services that have been customized for their individuality.


 How can I trust the people you send to my home for services?

  We are very meticulous in our hiring process that's the reason why everyone of our employees or contractors endure a rigourous screening before they join the community. The  screening process includes: identity check, a criminal bacground check and orientation session.









Do you guarantee your work
 Absolutely,  Adelson Enterprise has a 100 % satisfaction policy. Our objective is to give you the best services possible when you request it. If something  is not done to your entire satisfaction please call us within 24 hours and we will correct it for free or provide a credit for the next services.


What happened if something gets damaged in the house while an employee or contractor is working?
 If there is  any damages while  performing an assignment , we will make any effort to ensure that the items are repaired or replaced.
What kind of guarantee you offer customers?
  Our objective at Adelson Enterprise is to offer customers a service of qualities and 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there is  something  you feel  is not done at your satisfaction . Call us immediatelly and we will fix  any problem for free or at your agreement receive a credit for  our next service.
 How can I pay for the services I receive?
 All payment is due the day of  the service . We accept checks, Visa or MasterCard or PayPal payment.
 All products bought on our store will be shipped within 2-3 business days after payment.
 ( If any) Imports duties, taxes and charges are not included in the price posted on our store. Therefore, buyers bear all responsibility for all extra charges incurred.
If your orders are cancelled , the refund will be back on to your account about 3-7 days.
Is your Company fully insured ?
Our company is fully insured and  we are available to send you  a copy of our certificate of insurance  at your request.
 What sets Adelson Enterprise and services apart from competition.
 Our company ensures that we put the right people  that have passion for what they are doing, and have  a certain level of perseverance to identify the customers pains and address their needs to their greatest satisfaction. Other companies can provide services, but our passion for excellence provides the best results which sets us apart from competition.
What are sustainable products on your Website mean ?
We will ensure that the sustainable products are either good for the environment or healthy for consumer or economically viable.
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